Philologorum Colloquia

5, 6, 7 grudnia 2017 r.
Wydział Filologiczny Uniwersytetu Mikołaja Kopernika w Toruniu zaprasza na wykłady Profesora Bena Alexandra


Philologorum Colloquia to cykl wykładów i warsztatów prowadzonych przez wybitnych naukowców z najlepszych uniwersytetów na świecie. Rozmowy filologów są otwarte dla wszystkich zainteresowanych rozwojem współczesnej humanistyki, w szczególności językoznawstwa, literaturoznawstwa i kulturoznawstwa. To wyjątkowa okazja spotkania zarówno z uznanymi badaczami, jak i wschodzącymi gwiazdami humanistyki światowej.


Wtorek: 05.12.2017, godz. 11.30-13.00, sala AB 1.22, Collegium Humanisticum, ul. Bojarskiego 1.

"Explaining Trump"

Perhaps there is no “explaining Trump.”  That’s not to say that taken in hindsight, there were not strong indications (really fractures) across American cultural and political institutions that anticipated a fundamental rejection of American conventions.  This talk will explore the years leading up to Trump’s historic victory and focus on the rise of populism, xenophobia, and new racial tensions that have deeply divided the American electorate.  And, let’s not forget the power of Celebrity Television and suasions of Social Media.


Środa: 06.12.2017, godz. 13.20-14.50, Sala Rady Wydziału Nauk Historycznych, Collegium Humanisticum

"History Bytes: Perspectives on the Future of Digital Humanities"

Across the past decade the term ‘Digital Humanities’ has become central to discussion of  21st century humanities across a breadth of academic fields; however, it is a field that remains undefined in certain important ways.  The lecture provides a brief history of how digital humanities has evolved across the past two decades and some ideas for its future.  It argues that a sustainable future for digital humanities will rely on cross disciplinary, global cooperation and gives equal attention to new visualizations of history and its analytic interpretation.


Czwartek 07.12.2017, godz. 13.20-14.45, sala AB 0.09, Collegium Humanisticum, ul. Bojarskiego 1.

"Yaddo: Arts Matronage and the Politics of American Artistry"

The lecture is surmise of Prof. B. Alexander’s first monograph: Yaddo: Arts Matronage, Affirm America and The Politics of American Artistry. It explores the self-generative creativity of an artists’ community of writers, composers, and visual artists, located in Saratoga Springs New York, which  has seen more distinguished activity in the arts than any other piece of ground in the English-speaking community or perhaps in the entire world. Collectively, Yaddo artists have won 66 Pulitzer Prizes, 61 National Book Award, and countless other honors. Every sort of school of painting, music and literature has been represented and in some cases initiated there.




  • Prof. Ben Alexander is a visiting scholar in the Department of English at Harvard University, where he also serves as the Director of "The American Century Project." He has held full-time faculty positions at the University of California Los Angeles, Queens College (City University of New York), and Sichuan University (China).  He has published scholarly articles in the fields of archival studies, history of books and printing and American literature and culture.  


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