Faculty Authorities

The Dean

dr hab. Przemysław Nehring, prof. UMK

tel. (+48) 56 611-35-11

e-mail: nehringp@umk.pl

Collegium Maius
ul. Fosa Staromiejska 3
room 117

Duty hours in winter semester 2016/2017: Monday 13.00-15.00, Wednesday 11.00-13.00

Responsible for all the Faculty’s affairs, the Dean:
  1. represents the Faculty as authorised by the Rector,
  2. manages the Faculty’s funds,
  3. supervises the operation of the Faculty’s departments,
  4. summons and presides over the Faculty Council,
  5. coordinates the works on the Faculty’s development strategy,
  6. manages the Faculty’s human resources (employment, promotions, leaves),
  7. supervises the academic staff’s assessment,
  8. supervises disciplinary proceedings,
  9. supervises the academic research conducted at the Faculty,
  10. supervises the academic staff’s scholarly development (internships, leaves, doctoral and post-doctoral scholarships, etc.),
  11. initiates and supervises international cooperation in the fields of research and education,
  12. coordinates the organisation of academic conferences,
  13. coordinates the conferment of the Minister’s and the Rector’s Awards as well as other university, ministerial and national distinctions,
  14. supervises the Faculty’s libraries,
  15. supervises the management of facilities and equipment,
  16. supervises the Faculty’s publishing activity.


The Deputy Dean for Organization and Development

dr Adam Kola

tel. (+48) 56 611-35-13

e-mail: adamkola@umk.pl

Collegium Maius
ul. Fosa Staromiejska 3
room 115

Duty hours in winter semester 2016/2017: Monday 13.00-14.30, Tuesday 13.00-14.30

The Deputy Dean for Organization and Development:
  1. monitors the implementation of strategic objectives of the Faculty;
  2. supervises and coordinates the Faculty’s quality assurance system (class observation visits, analysis of students’ evaluation surveys, monitoring graduates’ careers, cooperation with the NCU Careers Service, initiating activities aimed at quality improvement, etc.);
  3. supervises distribution of classes among the academic staff;
  4. enters into civil law contracts with the academic staff for conducting classes and tutorials;
  5. initiates and coordinates the process of acquiring external funds;
  6. supports and monitors the Faculty’s academic staff in the process of obtaining grants;
  7. coordinates the Faculty’s promotion;
  8. supervises the Faculty’s reporting.


The Deputy Dean for Student Affairs and Education

dr hab. Dariusz Pniewski

tel. (+48) 56 611-35-13

e-mail: dariusz.pniewski@umk.pl

Duty hours in winter semester 2016/2017:
1) In Collegium Maius: on Mondays 11.00 - 13.00;
2) In Collegium Humanisticum: on Thursdays 9.45 - 11.45.

The Deputy Dean for Student Affairs and Education:     
  1. manages all student affairs: issues pertaining to the Rules and Regulations for Studying, granting the dean’s leave, awarding financial help, student research groups and organisations, Erasmus Plus programme, internships;
  2. cooperates with external environment: internships, voluntary work, trainee programmes, study visits, etc.;
  3. prepares admissions-related plans and decisions;
  4. initiates and coordinates the process of attracting foreign students;
  5. supervises the didactic process and its documentation: changes in study programmes and curricula, developing new fields of study, specialisations and fields of specialisation, studies in English, teaching programmes, postgraduate programmes, training courses.

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