Practical linguistics and copywriting

Practical linguistics and copywriting is an offer for those persons who want to gain knowledge and skills necessary to be effective in using systems of media communication (in interpersonal and public contexts) that takes into account the specificity of contemporary societies, native culture and the new media. Practical linguistics and copywriting is the first practically-oriented field of study at the Nicolaus Copernicus University in Toruń. Therefore, it differs from other fields of study in the number of hours of internships and in lecturers, among whom – apart from the academic staff - are professionals working in advertising and tourist industries, business coaches and entrepreneurs, persons employed in cultural institutions, media and local administration. The practical educational profile of practical linguistics and copywriting combines aspects of linguistics, literary studies and new media with valuable knowledge of the basic operational principles of marketing as well as the functioning of financial and legal environment of cultural institutions, media and the advertising industry.

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