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    Dean's News: 2017-02-06

    Prof. dr hab. Mirosława Buchholtz, Head of the Department of English at the NCU, has been elected President of the Henry James Society. The Henry James Society offers an opportunity to expand the knowledge of this great writer of Anglo-American literature, organises meetings and symposiums, and issues The Henry James Review. The Henry James Society’s website provides a rich collection of electronic materials on Henry James, whom Pietro Citati in one of his essays described as the father of all the storytellers of modern times.

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He who destroys a good book, kills reason itself. John Milton

Other languages

English Studies

Fluency in one of the world’s most versatile languages along with the knowledge of Anglo-Saxon culture and art enable our graduates to seize various interesting job opportunities.

Japanese Studies

A country with fascinating history and tradition, Japan is one of the world’s economic superpowers. If you are interested in Japanese culture, love to visit exotic countries or wish to establish business cooperation with Japan, this course is for you.

Greek Studies

Greek Studies is a course for hard-working and intelligent students with a passion. If you wish to receive thorough education and become acquainted with the full cultural spectrum of both ancient and contemporary Greece, this course is for you.

Italian Studies

The art and culture of Italy have been fascinating the world for centuries. Studying Italian provides the opportunity of acquiring a profession that is interesting and still relatively rare in Poland.

Russian Studies

The course’s graduates have an opportunity to develop their skills in the second cycle programmes which will enable them to become competent in translation and interpreting, acquire knowledge about contemporary Russia and improve their use of Russian.

French Studies

France has played a significant part in the European civilization development. It is also an important political and economic partner for Poland. The graduates of the French Department become valued specialists in various fields.

Classical Studies

A core discipline of the humanities, Classical Studies are an opportunity to immerse oneself in the fascinating world of ancient Greece and Rome.

German Studies

German Studies produce professionals specialising in Poland’s relations with Germany, Austria and Switzerland in politics, economy and culture.

Balkan Studies

Balkan Studies provide an opportunity to become acquainted with the turbulent history as well as the linguistic and cultural diversity of the Balkan Peninsula.

Applied Linguistics

Speaking two languages with expertise in two foreign cultures and literatures and competence in translation can be found useful in the world of the media and diplomacy.

Mediterranean Studies

Mediterranean culture has shaped contemporary European identity. Studying this cultural cradle helps understand the essence of the European civilization and its worldwide impact.

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